Yacht Management

Assistance in Yacht Management

Paperwork managemet

  • provision of yacht insurance and dealing with the insurance company in case of an insurable
  • Assistance in changing a flag and registering a yacht,
  • The preparation and further analysis of the financial report on the cost of the yacht maintenance,
  • Opening an account for the yacht or its owner in Monaco and further management of individual financial accounts for each yacht,
  • Search of the best service providers.

  Assistance with technical support


  • Organizing of the yacht service together with the captain
  • Search of the best contractors and service providers,
  • Visiting of shipyards, negotiating, drawing up of contracts with shipyards,
  • Selection of the place of a yacht parking, assistance in the acquisition of a pier under the terms of concessions of harbours,                                         founding the company for the acquisition of piers                                        
  • Personal local control of the vessel state and of what is happening on the yacht accordingly to a set schedule or approved request of the owner.    If possible, the implementation of remote control with the departure to the yacht parking site.

Assistance in the work with the crew

  • Selection of the crew, private interviews with applicants,
  • Training courses of the crew, especially the cabin attendants (including safety and etiquette courses),
  • Assistance in drawing up of business contracts and organizing of working relationship with the shipowner (the implementation of penalty and bonus systems, drawing up and control of compliance with the work rules and presence on the vessel)

Organisation of events on yachts