General specifications
    LOCATION:Bahamas islands
    ISLAND SIZE:222 Acres (90 Hectares)
    TYPE :Developed Private Island
    BUILDINGS:70,000 sq ft (6,503 sqm)
    ASKING PRICE:Upon request


    Stunning natural beauty

    104 miles (167 km) from Nassau
    Beautiful white sand beaches and clear turquoise water
    277 miles (446 km) from Miami
    41 miles (66 km) from George Town

    Marina – 35 dock slips
    Private airstrip (2800 ft/853m)
    Good Elevation
    Floating cement dock system
    Neighbouring island is Musha Cay (owned by David Copperfield who bought the 150 acres private island)
    Self Sufficient with water and power supply by diesel generators

    Full and back-up generators

    All building materials and construction equipment included also boats, golf carts etc
    Approvals for 70,000 sq ft (6,503 sqm) include house boat, marina shop, staff & maintenance buildings, clubhouse, restaurant and guest houses. Some buildings complete, and others still under construction
    Offers a buyer endless possibilities to enhance with his/her personal style. This Island can be fully completed and operational as a commercial venture in 6 months with a full construction crew, or converted for private use as the ultimate retreat